Monday, April 16, 2012

Cape Town based Lucan Visuals - i'm speechless

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Imagine a blank canvas – empty, flat. Now imagine a shaped canvas, any shape even multiple shapes. Projection Mapping can bring these shapes to life by casting light and design on the objects. Add synchronised audio to these visuals for a mind-blowing experience. Your options are limitless. From a projected theme at an out-door festival to an exciting launch of a new product, a corporate event or nightclub. Any radical shape, any size, anywhere. We can project your vision onto a workable surface.

Lucan Visuals – A Cape Town based team that has vast experience with 3D animation and design, in TV commercials and feature films. Professionals with specialist expertise in visual effects and motion graphic concept design. The Lucan Visuals project management and communication team ensures that every project begins with your tailored needs, and ends in success.

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