Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Levi Van Veluw

Levi van Veluw is a multidisciplinary artist, he lives and works in the Netherlands.Born in 1985 Hoevelaken, the Netherlands 2003-2007 ARTEZ institute of the arts, Fine art, Arnhem the Netherlands

Other Activities:

2009 Art Teacher, Photography department, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Source: Levi Van Veluw

Bison Art and Design

Just a peek at some of their latest work.

Source: Bison

The Motel Illustrations

Done for Egg and Velocity

Source: The Motel

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Alex McLeod

At first glance these artworks look like they are part of a real environment! And we are just wondering…How quickly these 3D rendering programs are growing!! That’s why Alex McLeod, a young designer from Toronto, says that “I have to keep on the ball. Before I know it I'll have to teach myself how to make art again.

e uses a number of 3D programs, three or four in total for each artwork. Some programs are good for sculpting, some for fluid simulation others for rendering. He believes that It is possible to achieve similar results with many of the leading software manufacturers releases. McLeod is working part-time in Museums and as a free lance 3D graphic designer. His 3D artworks are pretty romantic and according to his words he uses too much pine to be futuristic. His first solo exhibition will take place in the Switch Contemporary gallery, from 8 June - 5 July 2009. (2217 Dundas West, Toronto,ON).

Source: Yatzer

Gregoire Alexandre

Interview & text by Apostolos Mitsios for Yatze

Well, Grégoire, how did your passionate relationship with photography start?
My first attraction for images came through cinema that I studied for a few years. Although I was into cinema, practically I felt more confident with the photographs that I was taking at that time. I liked especially the fact that I could practice on my own. Photography didn't require the same amount of energy, money and self confidence that, by the way, I was lacking at that time.

Do you have any particular working process? How do you decide the concepts? Is there any team behind them?
I like to work on commissions. That gives me the impulse to do things, the basis to build on. Then it's a combination of thinking, feeling and mixing ideas and memories. There's no team behind the concepts but, at some point, there is a discussion with some other people involved in the project (set designer, stylist, model...)

The use of bold imagination is one of the trademarks of your work that is full of onirical details. Which are your inspirations?
My inspirations are very diverse. It can be other images, paintings, films or any other piece of art, but beyond that my inspiration is often photography itself and its possibilities and limits. I must say that I find the tool quite interesting.

Which is the biggest difficulty in order to maintain your artistic principles while shooting fashion editorials or advertisements?
The biggest difficulty is to develop another level of understanding in the picture without affecting the first main principle that consists in showing one specific thing. I like to bring photography a little further than expected. Advertisement is something quite different because I’m not the author of the creative part (that comes from the agencies), so don't consider it, neither I present it as my work.

Source: Yatzer

A Conceptual Magazine

Take a look at their sight for some interesting artists, photographers and exhibitions.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

*Featured student* Dylan Windham Jones

Name: Dylan Wyndham Jones

Age: 22

Previous studies? Finishing up at AAA or diploma in graphic design, but I also got a certificate in DTP

Originally from: Bloemfontein, but Cape Town has been my home most of my life.

Inspired by: People, and things around me. Also music plays a big role for setting mood Im in for when I design

Most people dont know this but i... I'm a secret ninja agent, ha-ha!

Favourite artist? So, so many... Theory one, Sad Mascot, Ghost patrol, The Xprs, and anyone that just blows my mind with original illustrations

Good / bad character trait: I would say Im a very honest person for my good trait, for my bad Im just a real flirt. ha ha ha

Check out Dylan's blog or Flickr account :)

Email: dylanwyndhamjones@gmail.com