Thursday, August 13, 2009

*Featured student* Dylan Windham Jones

Name: Dylan Wyndham Jones

Age: 22

Previous studies? Finishing up at AAA or diploma in graphic design, but I also got a certificate in DTP

Originally from: Bloemfontein, but Cape Town has been my home most of my life.

Inspired by: People, and things around me. Also music plays a big role for setting mood Im in for when I design

Most people dont know this but i... I'm a secret ninja agent, ha-ha!

Favourite artist? So, so many... Theory one, Sad Mascot, Ghost patrol, The Xprs, and anyone that just blows my mind with original illustrations

Good / bad character trait: I would say Im a very honest person for my good trait, for my bad Im just a real flirt. ha ha ha

Check out Dylan's blog or Flickr account :)


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