Monday, May 4, 2009

One plus one equals three

1+1=3 A Meeting Between Two Creates Something New
Beckmans School of Design showcase

This year, the final-year students in Product Design atBeckmans College of Designhave created an alternative meeting place in Greenhouse at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

The students have created a space to inspire informal gatherings of people, in the same way as you would meet spontaneously about town - sitting at the edge of a monument, on a front porch or a flight of stairs. The furniture in the showcase are based on indivdual briefs to create a specific type of furniture. In contrast to what is usually the case in Greenhouse, where many prototypes are for view only, the students have encouraged the visitors to interact with the furniture and the space. As a a bonus this year, the third-year students have collaborated with the second-year Advertising and Graphic Design students in creating a catalogue and a film.


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